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HolyLand of Christians

Holy Land of Christians
The Holy Land is significant in Christianity, mainly because it is the place of birth, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus , the Saviour or Messiah to christianity.

Holy Cities:
Bethlehem, Israel birthplace of Jesus
This city has great significance for all Christians as it was the birthplace of Jesus . The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world.

Nazareth, Israel:
is Jesus's hometown where Jesus lived and the site of many of his acts and miracles.Nazareth is also holy place for Christians because it throws light on the holy family, especially Mary, the mother of Jesus. This is the place where a Christian believer can consider Mary's qualities. Her character as a noble woman, a woman of purity, simplicity, sensitivity and pureness of heart. Mary is portrayed as a mother who devotes herself to the education of her son and remains devoted to him in the most trying of circumstances.According to the new testament, the parents of Jesus, Joseph and raise, resided in Nazereth, and there studied Jesus, from girls until adulthood. The Nazereth name is from beam of the word " Christianity ".

Jerusalem, Israel where the early Church was startedJerusalem is believed to be the site of some of Jesus's teaching, the Last Supper, the subsequent institution of the Holy Eucharist as well as His entombment; Christians believe he was crucified on a nearby hill, Golgotha (sometimes called Calvary). It contains the Church of the Holy Sepulchre {The ground on which the church rests is venerated by most Christians as Golgotha, the Hill of Calvary, where the New Testament describes that Jesus was crucified. It also is said to contain the place where Jesus was reportedly buried (the sepulchre)}. The church has been an important pilgrimage destination.
Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, the biggest city in the holy land (Israel), Jerusalem is city with history of thousand of years, city of holiness for three of the monotheistic religions, the holy city for Jewish, Christians and Muslims.

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