Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christian Pilgrimages

A pilgrimage is a journey made by a religious person to a holy site. Its a log journey especially one made to a shrine or sacred place. The term pilgrimage primarily used in religion and spirituality of a long journey. Sometimes, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine or importance to a person's beliefs and faith. Anyone of any religion can have right to participate in pilgrimages. The person who conducts such journey called pilgrim.

In the kingdoms of Israel and Judah the visitation of certain ancient cult-centers was repressed in the 7th century BC, when the worship was restricted to Jahweh at the temple in Jerusalem. In Syria, the shrine of Astarte at the headwater spring of the river Adonis survived until it was destroyed by order of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD.

Although a pilgrimage is normally viewed in the context of religion, the personality cults cultivated by communist leaders ironically gave birth to pilgrimages of their own. Prior to the demise of the USSR in 1991, a visit to Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow can be said to have had all the characteristics exhibiting a pilgrimage — for atheists and communists.

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