Monday, July 16, 2007

What Is A Pilgrimage?

Many time we make few steps to back or forward we may take steps to the left or sometime to the right, But when we plan for pilgrimage we are making steps towards god .We got to god with lusts of problems, sickness faith doubts crisis and we ask for favors.

"Pilgrimage means focusing on an intention, focusing on a desire, or focusing on resolution of a situation.”

History of a Pilgrimage:
A Pilgrimage is a personal invitation from God it is differs from a tour in several important ways. It comprised of god offer and depends upon your acceptance. God's call many ways but the purpose remains consistent: It is an individual summons to know God more fully. it is a spiritual journey for spiritual purpose. and an opportunity to get closer to God.

Definition of a pilgrimage is "A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance." So, a religious pilgrimage is generally a long, arduous journey. Hardly the kinds of leisure modern people tend to seek when vacationing.

America has a balanced government, but we are not balanced in our personal lives. This is exact opposite of China. This is an interesting observation. The Chinese place great importance on this concept of balance, or "yin and yang". Who could disagree that in our industrialized society there is far too much emphasis on money, career, advancement, success; and not enough attention paid to our relationships with our family and friends, with God, and with nature?

Pilgrimages - journeys to sacred places -
Christian pilgrims, from early in the second century, traveled great distances to venerate places in the Holy Land sanctified by the presence of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the Apostles. The number of pilgrimages increased greatly in the fourth century, after Emperor Constantine I converted to Christianity and legalized the faith throughout the Roman Empire. He and his mother, Helena, were themselves the most influential of pilgrims. The historian Eusebius of Caesarea attributed to Constantine the discovery of Christ’s tomb, the Holy Sepulcher; other accounts credit his mother with finding the True Cross.

Rome, as it became the center of the Christian faith, became a frequent pilgrimage destination, as did Greece and Egypt, where the faithful could follow the footsteps of the Apostles.

Why need To Book A Pilgrimage?
Most important reason is Increase Faith in god, Practice Fasting, Learn to Let Go , Practice Prayer for God and how to give our problem to God, Pray for Healing, Hear what the Holy Spirit may say, In thankfulness, In Joy and Rejoicing, To Pray for others, To Visit Holy Places, Experience diverse cultures, To escort a family member or a loved one, to travel with their prayer group/church/youth group/leader, and/or for Unity so we can be with people like ourselves. Often we go on a pilgrimage when seeking change, and often, change takes place

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