Monday, January 7, 2008

Catholic Life

Catholic life

The word "catholic" without its religious context, means universal, concerning all humanity, free from prejudice, liberal. According to this definition, I am definitely catholic.

It is proven that Catholics are true follower of Jesus. They follow all teaching lesion of Jesus They seek forgiveness of their sins and follow the example and teaching of Jesus. They believe that Jesus has provided seven sacraments which give Grace from God to the believer.

If a person dies in unrepeated mortal sin, It means he loses god’s promise and deserve to Hell. But if follower regrets his seen and bad action and scarify for that before a death then he find purification and get Heaven.

Catholic believe that god always take care for entire world. Catholics always take part in church through prayers and doing spiritual disciplines such as fasting and pilgrimage.

Catholic differentiates prayers in four different way.
1) Adoration,
2) Thanksgiving,
3) Contrition,
4) Supplication
Catholic believes that Prayer for everyone, even for enemies and persecutors is a Christian duty. Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary is also considered to be the spiritual mother of all Catholics.

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