Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeding the masses at World Youth Day

Sydney, July 15, World Youth Day, the Catholic Church's youth pilgrimage has officially opened. The event's organizers have the task of feeding over 150,000 international and Australian pilgrims. And what's on the menu for this feeding of the masses? Why, Vegemite, of course!

"We want to provide pilgrims with a good feed and a little bit of an Australian taste," Geoff Morris, the World Youth Day director of services, said. "A good feed" is Australian for "a good meal".

Pilgrims will also be treated to such Aussie classics as meat pies, lamingtons and baked beans. The organizers have also planned a barbie of biblical proportions.

Reactions to Vegemite amongst the pilgrims has been varied, to say the least. With some enjoying the revelatory rush of vitamins, while others made the mistake of spreading it on too thickly. My advice to the pilgrims would be: like all of life's little pleasures, Vegemite should be enjoyed in moderation!

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