Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catholic Pilgrimages to Deepen Your Catholic Faith

Pilgrimage is an essential part of the life of many Christians. It is a spiritual journey that puts a desire in you to return to God. Getting detached from the everyday concerns of the world and to spend a peaceful time in the presence of God is the central aim of the Catholic pilgrimages. By visiting holy places and shrines around the world, you can deepen your Catholic faith and explore the local culture and history.

Pilgrimages have their own spiritual significance. Most Christians choose to visit the places where Jesus lived, especially during the Christian festivals (Bethlehem at Christmas, Jerusalem at Easter), ascend the Mount of Olives to be in awe at the amazing view of the Holy City of Jerusalem. When you visit the holy places, your pilgrimages become your cultural heritage tours because holy sites and shrines are the part of cultural tradition and heritage.

Walsingham, Iona, Canterbury, and other essential medieval pilgrimage sites during the first half of the 20th century started to fascinate large numbers of pilgrims. Some English cathedrals revived the medieval custom of issuing pilgrim badges in the 1920s. Catholic pilgrimage sustained - to Rome, Fatima, Lourdes, and other Marian shrines - and in the decades just after the Second World War, the strict divisions between Catholic and Protestant spirituality began to vanish. Christians of all denominations started visiting the Holy Land and other major pilgrimage sites.

The great continent of North America has several shrines and devotional sites which have played a significant role in fostering the Catholic Faith in the New World. You can typically think of making pilgrimages to Rome, Jerusalem and the several shrines as well as holy sites throughout Europe. You can plan your pilgrimage to the Shrines of North America and get the opportunity to discover the history and miraculous interactions between God and humanity on a local level.

With Unitours, the most prestigious name for over 45 years in Protestant Christian pilgrimages worldwide, you can plan your Catholic pilgrimages tour to all of Europe, the Middle East the Holy Land, Turkey, Mexico, Croatia. You can experience bliss and deepen your relationships with God by visiting the holy sites!

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