Friday, February 5, 2010

Catholic Pilgrimages And Christian pilgrimages

A Pilgrimage tour is a long journey towards spirituality. Religious mind craves to visit the holy sites and understand the in dept beauty of faith and belief. An individual of any religion can underwent a religious trip and there is no barrier in between him and his Almighty. The world is marked with a number of pilgrimage centers and a trip into anyone of them, helps devotees receive enlightenment during their life time.

Catholic Pilgrimages: Best Catholic Pilgrimages is dedicated to providing the Best pilgrimages at affordable prices. Our spiritual and cultural group trips always include a priest or bishop as a spiritual leader. Best Catholic Pilgrimages is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Christian Pilgrimages: Christian pilgrimage groups, both Protestant and Catholic have long benefited from Unitours’ attention to detail and high quality services. Whether your group wishes to travel to Italy, other parts of Europe or the Holy Land, Unitours’ specially trained U.S. and overseas staff is uniquely qualified to design and deliver the perfect trip to meet the budget and needs of your group. Our specialized “One Pack” tours to Italy feature the entire trip in one great hotel to avoid packing and unpacking.

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